Robert Black

Robert Black (1950-1993) – American conductor, pianist, and composer, passionate propagator of new music. Founder of the ensembles New York New Music Ensemble in 1975, and Prism Chamber Orchestra in 1983, member of the ensemble Speculum Musicae from 1978.

He gave hundreds of world premieres of contemporary works, many of which he also recorded. His performances and recording endeavours also took place in Poland (Warsaw, Katowice). As a pianist he was no stranger to the traditional repertoire. His recording of works by Franz Liszt was nominated by the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest for the Grand Prix du Disque. He performed concerts by Mozart, leading the orchestra from the piano.

On December 1, 1988, Robert Black led Speculum Musicae in the world premiere of Witold Lutosławski’s Slides for chamber ensemble. The composition was dedicated to Elliot Carter on the 80th anniversary of his birth.

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