Konstanty Regamey

Konstanty Regamey (1907-1982) – composer, music critic, philologist specialized in East Asian languages, originated from a Swiss family which settled in Poland in the nineteenth century. He was a student of Classical languages and Indian studies in Warsaw, as well as East Asian and language studies in Paris. In the 1930s, he became lecturer at the University of Warsaw, simultaneously developing his activities as music critic and composer. By this time, he was already in close contact with Lutosławski, who remembered him in conversation with Zofia Owińska: “He was an astonishing composer. As an artistic creator, he let himself be known during the war, when his Quintet was performed at a secret concert in the apartment of Tadeusz Ochlewski. My first encounter with his music was a complete revelation”.

Lutosławski was tied to Regamey with, in the former’s words, a “deep friendship. We gladly spent time in each other’s company. This was a very special man with absolutely extraordinary abilities and an unbelievable intelligence. Conversing with him [relied on] skipping of [various] stages: one needed not say everything, but instead reach into the conversation’s future tense, because he already knew everything”.

Following the war, Regamey settled in Lausanne and continued his work as a philologist and musician. He made several visits to Poland. Once, he emphasized: “In the domain of music, it would be difficult for me to consider myself as anyone other than a Pole”.

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