Janina Godlewska

Janina Godlewska-Bogucka (1908-1992) – singer and actress, wife of the popular actor and singer Andrzej Bogucki. She made her debut with the Dana Choir. In the time of the occupation she performed, as did many other artists, in the cafe Art and Fashion (Sztuka i Moda), where the duo Lutosławski-Panufnik also played. She and her husband helped Jews in hiding and gave shelter to Władysław Szpilman, among others. From the latter’s initiative, trees were planted in 1978 for Janina Godlewska and her husband at the Yad Vashem institute in recognition of them as the Righteous Among the Nations. After the war, Janina Godlewska introduced into her repertoire songs by Szpilman. In 1952, she recorded with the choir Czejanda.

Janina Godlewska-Bogucka participated in the world premieres and first recordings of a number of Witold Lutosławski’s pieces for children. These were: Strawchain (1951), Spring (four songs for mezzosoprano and chamber orchestra, 1951, conducted by Witold Lutosławski), Spring-Time Outing (four songs for mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra, 1951, conducted by Witold Lutosławski), Cockle Shell and A Silver Windowpane for voice and piano (1953, accompaniment by Witold Lutosławski), Six Children’s Songs to words by Julian Tuwim arranged for chamber orchestra (1952, conducted by Witold Lutosławski), Children’s Songs for mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble (1954, conducted by Witold Lutosławski).

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