Dorota Serwa

Dorota Serwa (b. 1971), director of the Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic in Szczecin. She is a musicologist and cultural manager, graduate of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. She collaborated with the Polish Radio Szczecin and Polish Television Szczecin, the Sczecin press, and the Polish Radio Centre of Folk Culture, and lectured at the Postsecondary School for the Humanities in Pułtusk. In 2002-2004, she was vice-director of the National Centre for Culture, and from 2004, expert in European funds at the Foundation for Economic Education and lecturer at the Polish Academy of Sciences in the Cultural Management program. For six years, she filled the post of director of the Department of Cultural Education at the Stefan Starzyński Institute (Museum of the Warsaw Uprising Division), and director of the Warsaw Photoplasticon. She was responsible for the realization of a number of cultural events, including the festival Innocent Sorcerers and the spectacle Varsovians Sing (Un)Forbidden Songs.

As a director of the Philharmonic in Szczecin (from September 2012), Dorota Serwa realized a number of projects inspired by Lutosławski’s work and ones devoted to him, including the concert series To Lutos and Back. She wrote: “In the consciousness of many adult listeners, Witold Lutosławski is a difficult composer that operates without a clearly readable code; even today, his music’s message is perceived as avant-garde. Juxtaposing this point of view with colourful and expressive compositions created with the youngest of musicians and music lovers in mind, shows the extent to which Lutosławski was sensitized to the youthful public”. These realizations gave birth to the children’s educational project Lutophones, realized together with the Foundation Music is for Everyone. The project Genius Lutos in turn was created to include persons with mental disabilities in cultural activities. Finally, the project International Lutosławski Youth Orchestra was aimed at introducing the young into the secretes of contemporary music performance under the direction of experienced pedagogues. Their climax was a gala concert that took place on September 6, at which the orchestra under Ewa Strusińska performed music by Witold Lutosławski, Benjamin Britten, and the young composer Chris Roe, second award winner at the International Composition Competition on the occasion of the Lutosławski Centennial.

The concert event included the special decoration of Dorota Serwa with the Lutosławski Centennial Medal.

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