Barbara Turowska

Barbara Turowska is a graduate of the Postsecondary Agricultural and Pedagogical School in Siedlce and the Pedagogical Diploma Program in the same institution. From 1992 until present, she holds a position at the Nature Museum in Drozdów (custodian, public education division). She performs tasks having to do with public education, organization of cultural events, and the museum publishing houses. Such tasks include the joint authorship and realization of temporary exhibits, providing tours of the museum, leading taught museum visits, organization of science fairs, publication of articles, editing books for publication, managing the museum library, and the coordination and management of projects (e.g. with grants from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage).

The beginnings of her interest in Witold Lutosławski and his family are connected with her employment in Drozdowo. “That is when absorbing knowledge about the Lutosławski family and transmitting it to the visitors at the Museum became a responsibility, but a pleasant one – emphasizes Barbara Turowska. While at work, I reflected on the number of those visitors, and it became evident that over the course of 20 years there were at least 40 thousand, which slightly surprised me...”.

Her most important activities have been: the organization of popular conferences (3rd Conference on Wincenty Lutosławski, Drozdowo 2006; Representatives of Provincial Elites in the First Half of the Twenthieth Century, 2009; Sofia Casanova Lutosławska: Spanish Writer, Pole by Choice, 2011; A Witold Lutosławski Family Portrait, 2013), organization of the concert series Young Artists Play Lutosławski, preparation of the exhibit Life and Creativity of Witold Lutosławski, 2008, and publishing of the following books (in Polish): Wacława Lignowska’s Memoirs, a translation of Sofia Casanova Lutosławska’s More Than Love (Más que amor), and Sofia Casanova Lutosławska. Spanish Writer, Pole by Choice. Barbara Turowska admits: “I am not able to think of Witold Lutosławski in isolation from his ancestors, the Lutosławski family line. For me, this man is a single individual from a whole group of people, who through creative throughout and persistent work shaped their oeuvre, making an offer of it not only to individuals, but also the entire society. When I think about Witold, the most famous of the family, there immediately forms a whole line of personalities who had a definite influence on him. Those lesser-known, but very interesting people are: his grandfather Franciszek, Wincenty the philosopher with his wife Sofia, the latter nominated by the Spaniards to the Nobel Prize, Father Kazimierz, the creator of the Polish Scouts Cross, and Józef, the composer’s father, executed by the Bolsheviks together with his brother Marian for patriotic activity...”.

On August 30, 2013, in Drozdów, Barbara Turowska was honoured with the Lutosławski Centennial Medal.

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