Gabriela Bogusławska


Gabriela Bogusławska, former last name Zamoyska (b. 1945) — wife of Marcin Bogusławski, Witold Lutosławski’s stepdaughter. During her stay in Oslo she was very active in the Polish-Norwegian Cultural Society ‘Kultura’. Together with her husband, she organized concerts, public lectures, appearances by Polish artists, and medical help for compatriots in Poland.

Witold Lutosławski and his wife often visited the Bogusławskis in Norway, where he treated their three daughters – Sandra, Agatha, and Mathilda – as his own.

Gabriela Bogusławska reminisces in a conversation with Grzegorz Michalski: “In the beginning, Witkowie (first-name-derived appellation for the Lutosławskis - trans. note) lived at our place when they came to Oslo. After several years they decided that having us as their only family, it’s obvious they will continue to want to visit, considering which they must have their own place, because Witek (dim. of Witold - trans. note) wasn’t able to work at ours. There simply wasn’t enough space to permit him to find the isolation. That’s when they bought a small house, with a really hushed atmosphere, full of calm”.

She also talks about Lutosławski’s unusual interests and abilities: “When the girls were older, Witek liked to go shopping with them, because he was really knowledgeable in women’s fashion. And if the girls went shopping with the mother-in-law, there followed the required fashion show — they were to go change and present themselves to Witek, while he commented on what was good, what he liked, and what he didn’t. In fact, my mother-in-law would never buy anything by herself, and Witek always had to be there to assist her. He really did know his stuff. I would receive truly beautiful things from my mother-in-law and the commentary always appeared: “You know, who picked it”. My daughters each wore something different, but Witek was always perfectly able to say what goes well with what. He really liked it...”.

Gabriela Bogusławska admires the Lutosławskis in marriage: “This was a couple tied together so incredibly, that it was probably difficult to find another one of the kind. This was true oneness”.

On January 24, 2013, during anniversary ceremonies at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Marcin Bogusławski and Gabriela Bogusławska were honoured with the Lutosławski Centennial Medal.

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