James Rushton


James Rushton (b. 1956) — Managing Director, Chester Music, the English publisher of Witold Lutosławski’s works.

In 1966, Witold Lutosławski signed a publishing contract with J. & W. Chester Ltd., the former London represenatative of the Danish publisher Wilhelm Hansen. The contract comprised countries of Western Europe and the Americas. Chester has in the late eighties become the property of Music Sales Group.

James Rushton completed his music studies at the University of Bristol in 1977. He became employed at Chester in 1980, and has filled its directorial functions for many years.

In an interview he said about his work with Witold Lutosławski: “Witold was a huge pleasure to work with. Of course, he was who he was, and so maybe I can be excused if there was a slight nervousness on my part in my initial meetings! But communication was quick and easy; in the days before email etc, questions were asked and quickly answered by phone or letter. We, as Witold’s publisher, always knew where we stood, therefore; and as a result there was a clarity to our approach to the publication and promotion of his work which, of course, is the ideal both for us and for our customers. Further, Witold’s concern for accuracy and efficiency was epitomized by his delivery of new scores. Witold’s wife Danuta, who was trained as an architect and had a draughtsman’s skills, therefore, prepared the scores from Witold’s precisely laid out manuscript. Their layout and clarity are a perfect reflection of the works themselves and their content”.

In January, 2013, James Rushton was decorated with the Witold Lutosławski Centenary Medal for outstanding contributions to the dissemination of the composer’s music and knowledge about his person.

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