Bogdan Pałosz

Bogdan Pałosz — Director of the Witold Lutosławski International Cello Competition, Vice President of the Foundation for the Promotion of Young Violoncellists (the latter also competition organizer), Professor at the Institute of High Pressure Dynamics of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The Lutosławski Cello Competition’s first celebration took place in 1997. The competition occurs bi-annually in February. Among the laureates are found outstanding young cellists, such as Bartosz Koziak (2001), Julian Steckel (2003), and Marcin Zdunik (2007).

Lutosławski was chosen as the patron of the competition for young cellists (up to 24 years of age) in consideration of him having written three pieces of importance for the cello: the Sacher Variation, the chamber music Grave, and the Cello Concerto, works on which the programs of three successive phases of the competition were built. As Bogdan Pałosz emphasized in the original press release, also significant was Lutosławski’s sincere relationship to the young artists, whom he supported through scholarships.

The competition belongs to international organizations of importance: it is a member of The World Federation of International Music Competitions and The European Union of Music Competitions for Youth. Outstanding cellists from all over the world are found in the jury of the Competition, and the honorary chairman of its first celebrations was Mstislav Rostropovitch.

At the concert of the 9th Witold Lutosławski Cello Competition lauretes, given at the National Philharmonic in February, 2013, Bogdan Pałosz was decorated with the Lutosławski Centenary Medal in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the dissemination of the composer’s music and knowledge about his person.

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