Twenty Polish Carols

orchestration: voice and piano
year composed: 1946
about premiere
location: nr 11, 15, 17, 18, 20: Kraków
date: I 1947
soloists: Aniela Szlemińska, Józef Hofmann
edition: PWM, Chester Music
orchestration: soprano, female choir and chamber orchestra
  sop solo, coro femminile ad unisono, 11(ci)2(1 clb)1,2110, batt, ar, pf, archi
year composed: 1984-1989
about premiere
location: nr 1-17: Londyn
date: 5 XII 1985
orchestra: London Sinfonietta Orchestra and Chorus
conductor: Witold Lutosławski
soloists: Marie Slorach
edition: PWM, Chester Music