Folk Melodies

  1. O, my Johnny
  2. Hey, I come from Cracow
  3. There is a path, there is
  4. The little shepherdess
  5. An apple hangs on the apple tree
  6. A river flows from Sieradz
  7. Master Michael
  8. The lime tree in the field
  9. Flirting
  10. The grove
  11. The gander
  12. The Schoolmaster
orchestration: piano
year composed: 1945
about premiere
location: Kraków
date: 1947
edition: PWM, PWM(2), PWM(3), Chester Music
Five Folk Songs (nr 1, 2, 10, 11, 12)
orchestration: string orchestra
year composed: 1952
edition: PWM, Chester Music
Four Folk Songs (nr 9-12)
orchestration: 4 violins
year composed: 1954
edition: PWM, Chester Music
Transcription for guitar
transcription by: Jose de Azpiazu, Raymond Burley
orchestration: guitar
edition: PWM, PWM(2)